54 minutes | Jul 29th 2020

Episode 958: Thought leadership and trust, with Susan Baier

A marketing strategist for over 30 years, Susan Baier founded Audience Audit in 2009 to help organizations understand their best audiences based on attitudes and needs rather than just demographics or purchase behavior. She develops custom segmentation research for marketers and agencies around the world, supporting their efforts to create marketing initiatives that are more relevant, more efficient, and more impactful.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Susan and her team conduct studies and use the organic data they have collected to identify common, shared attitudes between respondents and identify patterns
  • Susan breaks down the four categories of thought leader audience and shares how they came to these identification labels
  • How the information discovered through the study can be used to better identify, reach, and be helpful and relevant to your audience
  • How the results indicated that 62% of people surveyed would be more likely to recommend a business service provider if that provider is also a thought leader
  • What key lessons the results from the survey offer about the importance of thought leadership, marketing, and their impact
  • Why trust is a vital key for connecting with your audience and all four categories of thought leader audiences
  • Why saying that you are a thought leader doesn’t mean you actually are, regardless of your audience or your content, and why trust is the determining factor
  • Why it is important to remember that you can’t be an expert at everything and that you need to focus on your niche
  • Why navigating times of crisis successfully requires a “relentless focus” on your target audience and being helpful
  • How tailoring your message to each of the four distinct groups can help you engage your audience better and can help your message resonate


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