50 minutes | Mar 7, 2021

#O4TRRadio Episode Twelve Think, Pray, Love

About This Episode/Clip: On this episode Alisha and Bundy and kick it off with "OFNG (On Foe Nem Grave)" with the first item of business being "Paying homage to Trello" another Chicago artist victim of the ghetto and the all to familiar story of Chicago losing it's talent too soon. We move on to discuss "Kodak Black and his Trump Ties championship ring" and why you don't turn your back on those who look out for you. After a brief intermission, the membership (Lauren, Jacuzzi and Ayo) join in for a group discussion, Kevin Samuels style. Moderated by Ayo we complete self examinations of ourselves and while entertaining it is honest. We move forward to "Salute the Real (Supporting Black Owned Business)" and Alisha salutes "D's Tees and more" 773-877-6156. We wrap it up with "NYAB (Nigga You Ah Bitch)" and award Bill O'neill for his counter revolutionary tactics and depiction in "Judas and The Black Messiah" even though he passed on long ago, Mr On'eill you ah bitch! We bring it all home with #4UselessFacts. #Only4thereal #O4TR #Only4therealRadio #O4TRRadio Subscribe to Only4TheReal: http://shorturl.at/jnqv7 Follow Only4TheReal: Website: http://only4thereal.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/only4thereal Twitter: https://twitter.com/only4thereal Facebook: https://facebook.com/only4thereal Spreaker: https://www.spreaker.com/user/only4thereal Watch more Only4TheReal: O4TR Radio Full Episodes: http://shorturl.at/glmE6 O4TR Radio Segment Clips: http://shorturl.at/jtQV1 O4TR Interviews: http://shorturl.at/esyG6
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