24 minutes | Dec 17, 2020

Episode Four: Love Yourself #TheSupremeShow

On this episode we open up with "OFNG (On Fo New Grave) discussing the Covid-19 vaccine and unique ways the government can incentivize people to take it. Then the discussion moves on to DJ Akademiks and his ClubHouse debut that had plenty of people panties in a bunch, it's then time for the first #BangorNah from King SVN ft Broadway - Yea Yea (available everywhere 12.29.20 https://ffm.to/kngsvnyeayeah) We move on to award the "NYAB (Nigga You Ah Bitch)" honors to Brother Baines from the Malcolm X movie fame. Slimy! #BangOrNah time again this time it's Baha Banks - Sweat (https://youtu.be/q0c_oAW6EJY) It's then time to "Salute The Real (Support Black Owned Business)" and this weeks choice Renita Davis (@Barbz_Back on instagram) owner and operator of https://shopwithbarbz.com and on to the "4 Useless Facts" of the week and finally "Perspective" where the discussion is simple "Love Yourself, niggaz ain't got no love for you". Each week, better and better, your girl Wetter and wetter. #DontSleep https://linktr.ee/only4thereal
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