35 minutes | Apr 25, 2016

You Are Only A Day Away From Your Next Travel Adventure

EPISODE #1: YOU'RE ONLY A DAY AWAY FROM YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE Introduction: How travel really brought us together. What really got us to do this podcast, and how we want to motivate you. Our typical week before we go on a trip, and how we are able to juggle all everything together. What does grocery shopping or work have to do with travel? A history on the name of this podcast: Only A Day Away. What should you, the listeners, get out of this podcast? Who are we? What is our travel resume? And what are our plans for getting to know you, our audience.  Where to go next? Our way of traveling and what we're going to push for in this podcast. Conclusion and what to expect on future episodes: Outline of this episode: [00:19] Introduction to the very first episode of the Only A Day Away Travel Podcast. [03:36] Discussion on how travel really brought us together. [05:59] A break down of some of the key reasons why we decided to start this travel podcast. [11:40] Description of a typical week before a big trip, and how we juggle everything together. [13:30] Understanding the reality of a full-time job, and how to juggle it all. [14:51] A history on the origins of the name of this podcast. [15:37] What you, the listener, should expect out of this podcast. [17:05] Who we are, what is our travel resume, and what we hope to share. [24:34] Where to go next. [26:39] A discussion of our way of traveling. [29:08] Conclusion and a request for feedback. [31:09] What to expect on future episodes on the Only A Day Away Travel Podcast. Resources and links mentioned in this episode: http://www.weddingphotographypodcast.com — Henry’s wedding photography podcast. https://www.instagram.com/henrychen1/ - Henry’s Instagram profile. Connect with us via: Email | Instagram Subscribe and leave a rating and review on iTunes!
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