42 minutes | Jul 4, 2016

The Pros And Cons Of Doing A Private Tour On Your Next Adventure Travel Trip

EPISODE #6: PROS AND CONS OF DOING A PRIVATE TOUR This episode is made possible by our amazing partners and sponsors: Bike Street Boys Welcome back to the Only A Day Away travel podcast, where we hope to inspire you  Overview of private tours, and why we choose them. Our personal private tour experiences. The four pros to consider when choosing a private tour: time, flexibility, photography, and customization. The cons of choosing a private tour. Conclusion: Coming up on future episodes: Outline of this episode: [0:19] Introduction and a welcome back to the podcast. [6:32] Overview of the topic for this episode. [10:51] Background on our private tours from past trips. [18:12] Discussing the four categories and pros of selecting a private tour. [30:35] Summary of the four elements. [33:03] The cons of choosing a private tour. [39:13] Conclusion. [39:54] Coming up on future episodes. Resources and links mentioned in this episode: http://www.onlyadayaway.com — our adventure travel blog! http://www.onlyadayaway.com/podcast — subscribe to the podcast here. contact@onlyadayaway.com — our contact email. https://www.instagram.com/henrychen1/ — Henry’s Instagram account. https://www.facebook.com/onlyadayaway — Podcast/travel blog Facebook fan page https://www.bikestreetboys.com — Tapesh’s bicycle tour company. Connect with us via: Email | Instagram | Facebook Subscribe and leave a rating and review on iTunes!
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