34 minutes | Jun 6, 2016

How To Travel While Working An Unconventional Full-Time Job

EPISODE #4: HOW TO TRAVEL WHILE WORKING AN UNCONVENTIONAL FULL-TIME JOB - HENRY’S PERSPECTIVE Introduction: How to incorporate travel as an independent business owner. Henry's story, and how he first got started as a wedding photographer. The perks of working as a full-time wedding photographer. Obstacles to face when working out the logistics of traveling as a business owner. Tips for those who are still on the fence of making travel possible. Conclusion: Coming up next: Outline of this episode: [0:22] Introduction of episode #4, Henry's perspective. [2:00] Updates on what we've been up to, and what is coming up. [3:00] Episode topic and overview. [5:21] Discussing how Henry first started doing wedding photography. [7:11] The perks of being a wedding photographer. [13:06] The obstacles and challenges Henry faces. [19:29] Tips for traveling as a business owner. [31:41] Conclusion. [32:59] Coming up on future episodes. Resources and links mentioned in this episode: http://www.onlyadayaway.com — our adventure travel blog! http://www.onlyadayaway.com/podcast — subscribe to the podcast here. contact@onlyadayaway.com — our contact email. Connect with us via: Email | Instagram Subscribe and leave a rating and review on iTunes!
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