58 minutes | Jul 18, 2016

Details Of Our Upcoming Trip To Uganda And Tanzania To See Gorillas And The Great Migration

EPISODE #7: OUR UPCOMING TRIP TO UGANDA AND TANZANIA Introduction: Delving into our next trip, and our vision for this new adventure. Over time, travel experiences unlock our expectations and requirements for each trip. Our first "press trip", and our desire for incredible, high quality content. Shout out to Bike Street Boys, a bicycle tour company in India. The nuts and bolts of our trip, and our itinerary for Uganda. The day by day of Tanzania. Conclusion: Coming up on future episodes: Outline of this episode: [0:18] Introduction to episode 7. [3:08] Updates, shoutouts, and recent events. [8:11] Overview of our trip and the vision we have laid out. [9:37] Discussing our new travel style and trip requirements. [23:35] Elements of a "press trip" and what we hope to accomplish. [30:44] Shout out to Tapesh and the Bike Street Boys. [33:12] Getting into the nuts and bolts of our trip, and the itinerary for Uganda. [42:20] Discussing our day by day in Tanzania. [54:46] Conclusion and episode wrap. [56:18] Coming up on future episodes. Resources and links mentioned in this episode: http://www.onlyadayaway.com — our adventure travel blog! http://www.onlyadayaway.com/podcast — subscribe to the podcast here. contact@onlyadayaway.com — our contact email. https://www.instagram.com/henrychen1/ — Henry’s Instagram account. https://www.facebook.com/onlyadayaway — Podcast/travel blog Facebook fan page https://www.borrowlenses.com  — camera and lens rental company. https://www.bikestreetboys.com — Bicycle tour company in India. Connect with us via: Email | Instagram | Facebook
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