15 minutes | Feb 15th 2021

How To Transition To Full-Time Real Estate Agent Part 1 - Episode 282

Are you trying to figure out how and when you are going to transition from being a part-time agent to being a full-time agent?   This week I'll share some thoughts on how you set this up to make the transition work.  Next week I'm bringing four other agents that have made this transition and can share with you exactly how they did this.   Resources and Links mentioned in this episode: Text AGENTRISE to 44222 to get a copy of the vivid vision statement worksheet, Agent Rise 3 Pillar Plan, and Agent Rise Steps. I’ve just launched a free resource called Secrets to Winning Listing Appointments, and it’s available now on my website: agentrisecoaching.com/listingsecrets Join the Agent Rise Facebook Group (free) at www.Facebook.com/groups/agentrise To learn more about coaching, go to www.agentrisecoaching.com And connect with me on ANY of the following social channels. I LOVE social! Instagram (@agentrise) Facebook.com/AGENTRISE YouTube (all new content)
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