15 minutes | Apr 5th 2021

3 rules to follow with buyers in 2021 - Episode 289

3 rules to follow with buyers in 2021 The first rule: buyers want a house, not an agent.  Always be leading with the property.  When following up with buyers, call with a property that matches for them.  The second rule: have a full buyer presentation process dialed in.  buyer guide.  Email questionnaire,  if a buyer says “I want to buy next year” say “great, now is a great time to get started”   The third rule: pre-screen them for the market.  Show them comparables that sold,  show them a list of ways to make their offer stronger,  set expectations with them to make sure they are prepared for the market. Resources and Links mentioned in this episode: Text AGENTRISE to 44222 to get a copy of the vivid vision statement worksheet, Agent Rise 3 Pillar Plan, and Agent Rise Steps. I’ve just launched a free resource called Secrets to Winning Listing Appointments, and it’s available now on my website: agentrisecoaching.com/listingsecrets Join the Agent Rise Facebook Group (free) at www.Facebook.com/groups/agentrise To learn more about coaching, go to www.agentrisecoaching.com And connect with me on ANY of the following social channels. I LOVE social! Instagram (@agentrise) Facebook.com/AGENTRISE YouTube (all new content)
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