48 minutes | Oct 5th 2020

Dr. Maura O'Neill, Lecturer and Distinguished Teaching Fellow & BCEMBA '04 - Creating and Inspiring Impactful Entrepreneurship

Today, we have Dr. Maura O'Neill on our podcast. She is a lecturer and distinguished teaching fellow at the Haas school of business. In 2009, she was appointed by President Obama to be the first chief innovation officer of the US agency for international development, serving until 2013. She was responsible for inspiring and leading breakthrough innovations in foreign assistance and development worldwide. Above all, she is a Haas alum.

In this episode, Maura talks about her research on the notion of narrow-mindedness, her passion for living a life with no regrets and how others can do the same thing, and practicing deliberateness or intentionality.

She shares the importance of knowing what you want in life - your purpose and your passion and leaving a legacy behind.

She also has some excellent advice for students graduating during this time of uncertainty about seizing and creating opportunities until ultimately finding your passion.

Episode Quotes:

"Ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things, and they're only capable of extraordinary things if they go in the direction of their unique gifts."

"Living a life of no mistakes, no regrets, is not no mistakes. We can make mistakes. The things that we regret in life, I think, are the things we do for other people. If we do it out of compassion and empathy, that's fabulous, but if we do it because we should, even though we don't want to, it isn't who we are, then that's probably the wrong reason."

"I've learned if I want to live a no regrets life to not only be generous with others, but to actually be generous with myself."

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