45 minutes | Nov 3, 2020

Cecilia Garmendia / Lamp Post Cheese

"Our goal is to provide the urban community with the end-to-end experience that surrounds cheese. Starting with locally sourced milk from farms, to crafting small artisanal batches. We are bringing this process into the urban community to provide both visual and hands-on opportunities.In addition, we seek to work with the local food community, to help organize tastings, pairings, events and novel collaborations that allow us to enjoy and learn about cheese and other local foods together. Ultimately, we strive to maintain olde world traditions in cheese crafting, but to place this into a modern context and to make this experience available to urban community."For more information, visit http://lamppostcheese.comFollow us on Instagram, One_Small_DifferenceLike us on Facebook.com/osdpod 
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