40 minutes | Jun 3rd 2019

Justin Collins: Do What's Easy Life Will Be Hard, Do What's Hard And Life Will Be Easy

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JC The Finest, Justin Collins came all the way from Philly to join us for today's podcast! Justin works with some of the top brands like Nike, Reebok, Champs, Polo, St. Laurent....the list is STACKED!

As a young boy Justin had some big shoes to fill. His father played for the Buffalo Bills and was constantly reminding him that he could reach whatever he wanted in life as long as he worked hard and stayed dedicated.

When his dreams to play basketball was ruined by an injury, Justin didn't stay down long. He got right back up and moved onto his next big passion: fitness.

From there JC got into training people all across the world, became a model, and does promotional work for multiple companies.

In today's podcast JC and I talk about all things fitness. Justin believes simplicity is key to seeing results and being successful. Often times we try to over complicate what we have to do and take drastic measures, when in reality we just need to keep it simple.

He gives you easy tips to implement into your daily routine to start chipping away at the old habits that have kept you down. Every day that you stick to your fitness and diet plan, is a win.

Take out the thought of weeks, "well this week I ate good 5/7 days". Instead start focusing on completing each individual day.

Every day you focus on sticking to your diet and keeping your goal in mind, you will win. Now you're thinking "I just need to get through today" and when the days over, you're 1/1.

Then you wake up, and repeat. Stop dwelling on long term routines and start focusing on winning each day as they come.

You don't want to miss out on all the great training, diet, and supplement advice my good friend JC and I discuss. This information might be just what you need to start your own fitness journey!


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2:30 My Childhood 8:50 My Books 17:48 How I Fit Into Someone's Mindset 19:28 Do what's Hard, Life will easy. Do What's Easy, Life Will Be Hard 23:34 - My Go-To Advice For Losing Weight 26:02 My Biggest Transformation -77lbs 29:51 - Emotional/Psychological Pain 31:20 My Thoughts On Supplements 33:55 - Stop The Misconception 35:30 You're Interested, Not Committed 37:50 - What's Next For Me

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