37 minutes | May 16th 2019

JASON ELLIS: How To Brand Yourself Like An Expert With Sam Bakhtiar

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Jason Ellis is widely recognized as The Worlds #1 Fitness Photographer. With over 500 magazine covers to his name, Jason is known far and wide as the most amazing fitness photographer in the industry.

Just about everyone wants to get their hands on him! It's one thing to be an amazing photographer, but Jason's work is so incomparable that he was awarded "Photographer of the Decade" in 2013.

Most recently "Photographer of the Year" in 2015


But taking it back to the beginning, it all started with a 12 year old boy borrowing a camera from his mom.

He won multiple contests in High School and once he realized he had a real talent for photography, he started branching out and reading books on branding and marketing to set himself apart from the competition.

And no doubt, he did just that!

For the last 2 decades Jason had been photographing celebrity athletes and elite fitness models for numerous campaigns, magazine features, and front covers.

He's also directed multiple documentary films including My House and Undisputed starring 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler.

In this podcast with Jason, he takes us through the start of his passion and how he landed jobs shooting for Modeling agencies, Adidas and Nike...all by age 18!

Jason goes in depth on his experience of working with some of the worlds top athletes and gives you his advice on how to break into the industry you want and setting yourself apart!

Don't miss out on this exclusive podcast with the King of Covers, Jason Ellis!

Enjoy the show!

-Sam Bakhtiar ________________________________________

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2:30 How I got Into Fitness Photography 2:58 My First Paid Gig at 17 For Ford Modeling Agency 6:33 Traveled the World With Apprenticeship 7:20 When My Fitness Photography Took Off 10:13 Paid My Dues And Dedicated My Life 11:18 How I Set Myself Apart From The Competition 12:07 The Real Secret To Succeeding In life 13:11 PASSION DRIVES YOU 15:19 Here's Why You Need To Get Up Early 17:08 At 21 I Could Do Whatever I Wanted 20:18 My Favorite Bodybuilder To Shoot 25:42 How To Hire Me For Photo shoots 27:05 My Top 5 Recommendations For Breaking Into Your Passion

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