85 minutes | Oct 8th 2020

Episode 162: Transracial Adoption + Sharing Someone Else’s Story (A Question of Consent) With Angela Tucker

This week, I’m talking to Angela Tucker. Angela is a speaker, educator, film producer, and of the host of The Adoptee Next Door podcast. Her work’s mission is to amplify and center adoptee stories and bring honest narratives about race, class, and identity. In this episode, Angela and I discuss what transracial adoption means, why Angela has felt like a “grand experiment” in nature vs. nurture, family preservation, racism in the adoption system, the debate of consent when it comes to sharing adoption stories online.  SHOW NOTES: Sign up for the Know Your Endo Newsletter  Know Your Endo Instagram Angela’s Website + Instagram  Closure  The Adoptee Next Door Podcast  Spinach Potato Tacos  Know Your Endo  One Part Plant Cookbook  ****** I may receive affiliate commissions from links I include. 
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