69 minutes | Jun 10th 2020

Episode 154: Keeping Secrets + Hiding Our Struggles With Giselle Wasfie, D.A.C.M.

This week, Giselle Wasfie is back! If you need a refresher, she’s a former hip hop journalist and current Doctor of Chinese Medicine. She’s also the founder of the aromatherapy and beauty line REMIX by Giselle Wasfie.  Giselle and I discuss growing up as an Iraqi American, how things have to fall apart to come back together, hiding and keeping our struggles secret, and using your community to feel less alone.  Here’s Giselle:  SHOW NOTES: Giselle’s Website + Instagram WEED The Okra Project  Jenna Kutcher Case Study via Toi Smith (check out her page to learn more about these emails) White Female Founders Face A Reckoning Over Racism via Forbes  Bon App Editor-In-Chief Adam Rapoport Resigns After Following Allegations of Racist Culture via Eater  Joseph Hernandez 
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