32 minutes | Apr 16th 2021

Jon Fasoli of Intuit: Automation and AI allow focus on creating opportunities, not mundane tasks

Last week’s conversation with Katherine Kostereva of Creatio on how low-code/ no-code development platforms will be a huge factor in helping non-programmers to automate their own tasks and processes was eye opening for me. And I wanted to see how the message of the importance and relevance of the latest automation tools is being received by microbusinesses as well as self-employed folks – people who need the most help getting things done to stay afloat. Which is why it was great timing being able to follow my conversation with Katherine up with Jon Fasoli, VP and Segment Leader, Small Business and Self-employed, for Intuit. During our LinkedIn Live conversation Jon shared with me how artificial intelligence and automation is helping even one-person bands spend more of their precious time on experimenting with new ways to connect with customers and prospects, and less time doing mundane activities. He also discusses how more digital interactions are feeding AI in platforms like Quickbooks that automatically provide insights into your business that lead to better decision making on how to best use the limited resources smaller businesses have at their disposal in order to make the most of tough situations like we’ve all faced over the past 15 months.
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