68 minutes | Apr 2nd 2021

Janelle Dieken of Genesys – Thought leadership must be about authenticity and relevance to customers

Thought leadership. Everybody is talking about it as a way to influence markets and consumer behavior - whether it’s aimed at individual or corporate consumers. It comes in a dizzying array of formats, channels and devices. It can be about trends, best practices or even tips and tricks. And businesses are trying to incorporate it into more opportunities to stay connected with customers and prospects over time to build long-lasting relationships with them. But many companies seem to be focusing their thought leadership efforts on their needs instead of delivering what’s important to the audience they want to connect with. In a recent CRM Playaz episode, me and co-hosts Paul Greenberg and Nicole France spoke with Janelle Dieken and Ginger Conlon who are heading up thought leadership efforts for Genesys, a leading customer experience platform. Janelle, VP of Content and Thought Leadership, and Ginger, Thought Leadership Director, shared with us their views and approach to building thought leadership that first and foremost provides customers and prospects with content that delivers relevancy and authenticity in a way that leads to trust.
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