12 minutes | Aug 11th 2016

Dave Gerhardt of Drift: Using Marketing Bots to Get Rid of Website Lead Forms

There’s been a ton of talk around bots ever since Facebook announced its chatbot platform back in April. And now more than 11,000 bots have been added to Facebook Messenger. The original use cases for bots centered around customer support – where you’re looking for a help with something, or maybe a status update, or even needing to change a flight. But now Drift, a messaging app platform for creating marketing bots, is looking to help companies use the technology to connect with website visitors and convert them to customers – and do so at scale. Dave Gerhardt, director of marketing for Drift, discusses the role marketing bots can play in interacting with modern consumers, and how marketing bots are poised to make filling out web lead forms a thing of the past.
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