14 minutes | Jan 27, 2014

Norma Kehrberg talks about the history of UMCOR and the One Great Hour of Sharing

Today's episode of the One Great Hour of Sharing Podcast is an interview with Norma Kehrberg about the history of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) and the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS). Tune in to learn more about where this great tradition game from and join us during the 4th Sunday of Lent! Interview Highlights 01:27 // Norma tells her story of involvement with the UMC 02:33 // The relationship between One Great Hour of Sharing and UMCOR 03:00 // UMCOR serves others in need regardless of creed, color or race. 05:40 // Norma explains how the One Great Hour of Sharing is celebrated at her church 07:10 // UMCOR is a part of the church we should be really proud of 07:35 // "If you give a dollar, a dollar goes" to emergencies. 08:30 // UMCOR is Biblically based. 09:10 // Norma recalls her involvement with UMCOR during the Ethiopian famine in 1984. 12:05 // Norma believes that getting more people involved should start with meeting one on one with pastors. Interview Transcript Rich - Welcome to The One Great Hour of Sharing Podcast. This is the podcast that as we count down to the 4th Sunday of Lent, we are taking time to invite your church to support the vital work of UMCOR through this special Sunday. Today we have an incredible guest on the show. A real treat for us, Norma Kehrberg. She's currently in Honolulu. I am in New Jerse. I wish it were reversed, or at least, I wish I were in Honolulu today. Norma, welcome to the show. Norma - Thank you Rich. It's been a pleasure to look forward to this time with you and you've asked me to talk about one of my favorite subjects which means, The One Great Hour Of Sharing and the United Methodist Committee on Relief. I appreciate the opportunity. Rich - So glad Norma. For people who don't know you, you have a varied background, why don't you give us the Norma story in a couple minutes. Tell us where you are coming from. Norma - That's great. It's a nice way for you to say Rich 'a varied background' what it means, you are old. But anyway, let me do it! I started out with a mission call when I grew up in a small church in Iowa, through the Evangelical United Brethren Church. I fulfilled that call in missionary service in the country of Nepal, and incredible experience. I thank God everyday that I had it. The second incredible call was to have the opportunity to work as the Executive Director of UMCOR in New York in the 80's. And we went on to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the United
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