12 minutes | Jan 29, 2014

Marji Hill gives a view from field on the work of UMCOR and One Great Hour of Sharing

In today's episode we hear from Marji Hill who serves on the ground with UMCOR and has seen the positive impact that churches giving through One Great Hour of Sharing can have. Tune in to get a great insight into the work of UMCOR and join for the fourth Sunday in Lent! Interview Highlights 01:20 // Marji's Role in the North Texas Conference 02:08 // UMCOR provides training for Disaster Response Coordinators 03:06 // Explanation of Disaster Training 101 03:49 // Marji explains what happens in her office when a disaster occurs 05:03 // One Great Hour of Sharing gifts support essential training 06:10 // 'Tricky' versus 'standard' disaster 6:56 // UMCOR cleaning kits ready to be put to use 09:12 // Connecting neighbors training Episode Transcript Rich - Well welcome to the One Great Hour of Sharing podcast, as we count down to the fourth Sunday of Lent where churches all across the United Methodist movement are going to be joining together to support the vital work of UMCOR through this special Sunday.  And we really want to invite you to participate with us. Today we have a real treat on our show.  We have a guest that's going to help us understand a lot about both UMCOR, the great work it does, and the One Great Hour of Sharing.  We've got Marj Hill.  She's in Texas.  So Marji, welcome to the show! Marji - Hi, thanks for having me on. Rich - Now why don't we start with you describing your relationship with UMCOR, all the things you do.  You wear a lot of different hats so let's hear about that. Marji - Well I am on the staff hear at the North Texas Conference.  And one of the things we do here as a part of my portfolio is disaster response.  I am the Disaster Response Coordinator.  What that means is, if there's ever a disaster that happens within the boundaries of my conference, then I am the one that the Bishop and the Cabinet looks to as the person who knows what to do.  And the only reason I know what to do is because of UMCOR and at the training that they have give be over the years. Rich - Now there's never any disasters in Texas.  So you've never had any problems right? Marji - No there's not, never have an tornados or anything. Rich - No tornados, nothing like that.   Well what does UMCOR do to support the United Methodist Conferences.  What does that support look like when you say I couldn't do it without UMCOR…what does that support look like for you? Marji - Well, one of the first things they do when you are task
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