12 minutes | Feb 25, 2014

Donna Spearman talks about One Great Hour of Sharing from One Local Church’s perspective.

In today's episode we hear from Donna Spearman as she shares about what Central United Methodist Church in Endicott, NY has been doing to celebrate One Great Hour of Sharing. Listen in as she shares he perspectives on this vitally important Sunday in the life of our church! Interview Highlights 01:18 // Donna gives a brief history of Central United Methodist Church in Endicott, NY 02:34 // Donna loves Central's social conscious 04:30 // The One Great Hour of Sharing is a great way to be involved when you can't go yourself 05:52 // UMCOR is like the engine that drives the program 08:50 // Central United Methodist Church was a shelter that then flooded 09:28 // Donna has seen both sides of UMCOR Episode Transcript Rich - Well, welcome to the One Great Hour of Sharing Podcast. We've got a real treat today, Donna Spearman on the line.  The One Great Hour of Sharing Podcast is really the place where we are counting down to the fourth Sunday of Lent and as we invite your church to join with us as we support the incredibly important work of UMCOR through this special Sunday.  So Donna, welcome to the show. Donna - Thank you! Rich - I am so glad that you've decided to spend some time with us today.   Thank you so much. Donna - Well I fell an honor that you asked me to be a part of this. Rich - Now Donna, your church is in Endicott, NY.  Why don't you tell us a little bit about your church. Donna - Oh well, it's a wonderful church.  I think it started out as a smaller church, one building and as time went by they added more and more to it.  They actually moved the first original building to a different corner and we just celebrated the 175th anniversary of Central United Methodist Church. Rich - Wow! Very cool. Donna - Yes.  Well my  husband and I have been members there for approximately 37 years.  We moved into the area and actually my husband was with a different religion and I was always United Methodist.  Well essentially I was Methodist Episcopal until the churches united and have been United Methodist.  And so he visited Central with me and he really liked it and so we joined that church.  When we initially joined it we agreed that we only wanted to be pew members, we didn't want to do a thing.  A we didn't want to be with the church that was constantly asking for money.  Well that lasted for about 6-8 months until we got involved.  It is a wonderful church and one of the things that we love most about it is that it has such
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