34 minutes | Jul 7, 2021

S3: E10 - What Are Executive Functioning Skills and Why Does My Kid Need Them?

Dr. Tara Egan, host
Anna, teen co-host

Tara and Anna are back at it again today talking about Executive Functioning. No, executive functioning is not a Corporate America term, it is a term used all the time amongst clinicians.  Tara and Anna are talking about it today in terms of kids, the topic is "What are Executive Functioning Skills and Why Does My Kid Need Them?

What Is Executive Functioning?

Executive function is the cognitive processes that organizes thoughts and activities, prioritizes tasks, manages time efficiently, and makes decisions. 

Executive function skills are the skills that help us establish structures and strategies for managing projects and determine the actions required to move each project forward.

Individuals with executive dysfunction often struggle to analyze, plan, organize, schedule, or complete tasks at all — or on deadline. 

People with executive functioning deficits misplace materials, prioritize the wrong things, and get overwhelmed by big projects.

Tune in to learn about:

- What Are the Core Executive Function Skills? (Related to self regulation to manage and change your behavior).

- How to use these cognitive or mental abilities to actively pursue goals. In other words, it’s about how we behave toward our future goals and what mental abilities we need to accomplish them.

- The seven skills executive function is judged by.

- How people with ADHD often struggle with some or all of these skills and can cause a lot of mental fatigue for them.

- Simple ways to enhance executive functioning.

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