47 minutes | Apr 12, 2017

Mother's Little Helper (OUAT 616)

We're back ! We talk a little about 'A Wonderous Place' but don't spend too much time on that waste of an episode before we jump into the much better 'Mother's Little Helper'... It's the first true hint of the Final Battle being a sort of end to the series as we know it and that is good thing. That will drive the remaining episodes to a clear resolution. Josh goes off on a speculation tangent about Emma and if she's up to the task of saving everyone in the Final Battle. Where does Henry fit into all this. Has Gold know all along that Gideon didn't have his heart and was being controlled by the Black Fairy...Where does Blue factor into all of this mess. Still don't trust that she's on the up and up. How long will Hook be stuck in Neverland and why is he there? Looks like we'll see some interaction with Tiger Lily. Baby Neal Watch 2017 still continues... Let us know Twitter @onceuponth or email us at once@nthcast.com And check out our new website at onceuponth.com! Don't forget to tell a friend about the podcast! Have a great week! - Josh/Steph
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