80 minutes | Aug 31, 2021

135 - Get Out (2017)

This week, Mikey and Ben discuss their visit to London's horror-themed escape room, Horror Escape and share some guerilla-style recordings from inside the experience (outrageously Gale Weathers stuff). They then wash that down with a tall, smooth glass of Beau Jangles, one of London's premier drag kings who joins the boys to unpick Jordan Peele's crucial cinematic masterpiece, Get Out (2017)... and give Ben lessons in playing it cool on dates. For that latter point alone, this week's episode is rather bumper.    Music and sound effects by zapsplat.com.   STREAM NOW FOR FREE on Apple Music, Spotify and Stitcher.    SUPPORT 'ONCE UPON A SCREAM' by becoming a Patreon subscriber for as little as £4 recurring a month (cancel at any time). Subscribe and gain access to new bonus eps every month (plus our entire back catalogue!) and official podcast merchandise > patreon.com/uponascream   FOLLOW 'ONCE UPON A SCREAM' ON INSTAGRAM. LIKE 'ONCE UPON A SCREAM' ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW 'ONCE UPON A SCREAM' ON TWITTER. EXPLORE OUR BONUS CONTENT ON PATREON! Email us at uponascream@gmail.com.
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