41 minutes | Apr 10, 2018

Episode 147: Breadcrumbs – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×16)

First of all, there goes the bromance between Henry and Nick aka. Hansel, right?! This week we seriously question Henry’s judgement and general life skills and wonder whether it’s truly in character based on the Henry we knew as a kid. With that said, our kudos to Henry for being way more professionally successful with podcasting than we have been so far! This Once Upon a Time episode really only gave us a few “crumbs” to discuss, since we don’t see the Serial Killer Hansel storyline going very far – and we don’t exactly hide our frustrations with that fact – but it’s also worth focusing on the fact that this season has gotten a few things right (namely, the Tilly/Nook father-daughter story, which is still very cute)!
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