40 minutes | Mar 23, 2022

How to Sleep Better and Feel Better with Elizabeth Grojean

When it comes to dramatically improving health, reducing stress, and impacting quality of life, sleep is a superfood! And it may seem like a no brainer, but EVERYTHING improves when you’re well-rested. Yet, most of us aren’t getting enough zzzs.

Elizabeth Grojean, founder of the wellness brand, Baloo Living, believes sleep is not just a way to make a difference in your physical health but in your emotional and mental health as well. 

After taking a year-long sabbatical to Bali, where Elizabeth was transformed by the opportunity to find stillness and connect with nature on the magical island, she experienced firsthand how a weighted blanket can soothe the nervous system, alleviate anxiety, and increase serotonin production – the happy hormone. 

Now, she’s on a mission to create this type of relaxation for others by making products that prepare you for the kind of deep, restorative sleep that sets you up for an easier and better tomorrow.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What happens when you give your body proper sleep
  • The negative impact lack of sleep has on a cellular level
  • The connection between sleep and weight gain
  • How to set your circadian rhythm
  • Why a weighted blanket supports better sleep, hormone balance, and stress reduction 
  • Exactly what to look for and how to choose the right weighted blanket 
  • A grounding ritual to do before going to sleep

After listening to this conversation, you’ll be inspired to prioritize sleep and set up a routine that signals to your body to unwind and go to bed!

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