47 minutes | Feb 10, 2021

How to Feed Your Brain and Boost Your Mood with Dr. Uma Naidoo

Have you ever thought about feeding your brain? What you put at the end of your fork not only changes your physical health but your mental health, too. And the good news is that improving your mood with food can be simple and easy to do.   As a leading voice in Nutritional Psychology, Dr. Uma Naidoo, a Harvard trained psychiatrist, Professional Chef, and Nutrition Specialist, is shedding light on the food-mood connection and the cutting-edge science to back it up. Her book, “This Is Your Brain on Food,” dives into the many ways that food can have a profound impact on stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, and more.   Having grown up in a large South Asian family where cooking, Ayurveda, and mindfulness were an integral part of her upbringing, Dr. Naidoo merged her roots in the kitchen with her lifelong passion for science and became a medical doctor who literally uses food as medicine.   In this episode, Dr. Naidoo shares the two-way highway between the gut and the brain, how sugar can worsen anxiety, what to eat for optimal gut health, why fiber is your friend along with spices and fermented foods, how mental fitness can enhance long-term health & happiness, and SO MUCH more.   You’ll feel empowered to start feeding your brain with mood-boosting nutrients and food!   Resources: Dr. Uma's website Dr. Uma's instagram This Is Your Brain on Food Elise's website Elise's instagram Episode Shownotes
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