93 minutes | Feb 20, 2020

Andy Edstrom - Why Buy Bitcoin?

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@edstromandrew Andy Edstrom and I sit down to discuss inspiring younger generations, Financial Advisory,  Wall Street Inside Stories, Climate Change, Portfolio Allocation and of course Bitcoin!

In this episode, you can learn exactly what the role of a fiduciary is and how that differs from main street broker-dealers or financial advisors. 

Listen to Andy's first-hand accounts from inside the belly of the beast Goldman Sachs from when he was working on Wall Street. 

What are some of the 14 characteristics of money and how do they differ across the #USD, #Gold and #Bitcoin?

How does Andy see the #FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) about the #Climatechange argument surrounding #bitcoin and #Mining?

Learn why Andy was driven to write the book Why Buy Bitcoin and how convincing his colleagues and father at his wealth management company about the opportunity of investing in #Bitcoin was a challenge in itself.

And finally, be introduced to the worlds youngest and cutest # Bitcoin podcast host!

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