55 minutes | Feb 15, 2021

The Power of Words in a Mentally Healthy Workplace Culture

One of the MOST difficult and most HEALING things a human being can do is to speak about their own “secrets.” Have we ALL grown up believing that we are the only ones who have them and that revealing these truths will destroy us? Just about everyone I know would answer “Yes” to that question. The irony is that it is those who do tell the truth and then seek help, healing and a “maskless” life going forward, are truly the ones released from those demon secrets. My Guest, Kim LaMontagne, has not only stood up with the courage to do this, while she was a successful corporate executive dealing with alcoholism, but she has dedicated her life to helping thousands of others do the same. We will talk about the POWER such conversations bring to the healthy workplace and to the individuals who take their own power back by speaking up.
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