57 minutes | Jan 11, 2021

Nurses Hold The Key to An Empowered Workforce

Nurses are the bedrock of healthcare around the world. Without Nurses there is NO Healthcare (HC). While doctors & every HC provider contributes to the value of HC, it is nurses who are with the patient 24/7, best know the client & family and make the directives of other departments work for the patient. Nurses are are mandated to prevent injury & disease/ advocate for the patient. They want to focus on community-based education to prevent stress-related diseases. My guest, Glennae Davis, BSN, RN, and CEO of Rx for Life, LLC, a health equity consultancy and education agency says, “Anytime a career professional feels conflict, moral distress or stressed about a situation on the job, they must pause to take an assessment, make judgments/decisions putting health first.” Nurses MUST know how to cope with implicit bias on the job & prevent their own burnout. Aided by new workplace systems, fearful, distressed employees must receive representation, advocacy, support & education.
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