55 minutes | Mar 15, 2021

NURSES: Could You Use Some Love and Light?

I hear from nurses/HC workers daily. I hear the incredible things you do to help patients & families under your care in COVID & Non-COVID units; there are stories of love for co-workers, exhaustion, rage; efforts to lighten the load of each other & mind-numbing, heart-aching memories. I hear your doubts about yourself & your abilities under these unrelenting experiences. Who wouldn’t? Do you just want to rest your mind & hearts—to feel LOVE and see LIGHT ahead of you? It has been my dream for the past 9 months to bring that to you in some concrete way. In January I discovered my Guests Melissa Cortez & Dr. Natalee Trevino of CortexEnergySystems.org and realized their dream, is my dream, is your dream. My Once a Nurse Marketing Director, Tanya Abreu & I joined with these women to create the Love and Light for Nurses Website. Join us to hear how we can help YOU reach the support & empowerment that will re-energize you to stay in the game, Monday, March 15 1 PM ET/12 N CT/10 AM PT.
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