55 minutes | Nov 26th 2018

Nurse Bullying

Dr. Paul T. Clements from Drexel University, has been known to say, “Always be mindful. You may not know who’s watching you or who you’re inspiring.” This is exactly what happened to me, while listening to a Webinar presented by Dr. Clements titled: “Workplace Bullying: Not acceptable / Not Tolerated” on October 31st. This is a topic near and dear to my heart in regard to Nurse Bullying. He said 1 in 3 nurses leave their job due to Bullying! This is a shocking and unacceptable truth in nursing. At a time when we need each and every nurse available and by 2030 will need 90 million more worldwide, we cannot afford to allow this menace to continue. How do we stop it? Tune in on November 26th at 12 Noon CT to join us in this conversation.
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