56 minutes | Dec 21, 2020

“I Can Never Unsee, What I Have Seen.”

My guest, Darlene Nelson, RN, founder of Expert Nurse Consultants, joined me on this show on April 13th along with Dr. Juan Nieto, ED physician. The description I gave then, STILL fits. “In the COVID-19 Pandemic in the USA, there are two fights going on. One against a virulent & dangerous new coronavirus & the other on behalf of the safety & protection of ‘essential’ workers across the country. ”The disease is doing an exceptional job at its mission: to infect & kill as many hosts as possible. The people, hospital administrations and political leaders are, to a large extent, failing miserably at their mission: To protect each & every healthcare worker and all essential employees.” We currently have passed 300,000 deaths (as of 12/15/20) and 17 million with the illness. We are nearing 3000 deaths of nurses (which is certainly an undercount.) Today huge numbers of Americans continue to ignore the admonitions to “Wear a Mask, Distance from Others and Wash your Hands.” How will this end?
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