70 minutes | Jul 10, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Heavy Metals Part 1

This 2 part series is an in depth look into the world of heavy metals and the effects it has on our health. In this episode My personal  journey with heavy metal toxicity The main sources of heavy metals How they affect your hormones How they affect your weight How they affect the entire body The different tests available Chelating agents and how they work in the body Where to get more information and help on chelation and more! Links discussed in the show:  The Importance of Detoxification with Dr. Pizzorno Heavy Metals, Fasting & Diet Variation with Dr. Pompa (karenmartel.com) Detoxing Heavy Metals to Lose Weight with Wendy Myers (karenmartel.com) Hair Mineral Analysis Test This show is sponsored by DNA Power Get $50 off your Total DNA kit when you use this link here and coupon code karenmartel! Andy Cutler Facebook Group Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt Mercury Chelation Group on OSR CLAIM YOUR FREE BURN FAT FAST PROGRAM & A COUPON CODE TO GET YOUR FIRST MONTH FREE IN ONTRACK! ENTER NOW! Everyone wins!
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