100 minutes | Apr 16, 2020

OTWD #21 - w/ Apollo Bebop

APOLLO BEBOP is a hip-hop/jazz quintet from Santa Ana, CA. I didn't know them personally before this conversation, I was just a fan (a big one). Their new album "WANTED!" drops 5/1/20 on all major streaming services. Buy it and make it a point to see them live as soon as society stops freaking the fuck out. IN THIS EPISODE I sit down with Brian (vocals), Chris (guitar), and Grover (saxophone/keys) to discuss the formation of the band, finding new opportunities for growth throughout the COVID-19 shutdown, building a local following before expanding, weed, performing on a boat in a pool at a hotel in San Francisco while on mushrooms, etc. ON THE WAY DOWN is a podcast about taking risks, pursuing passions, and trying really hard not to die an unaccomplished piece of shit. Created, produced & hosted by Gadzooks.    Follow Apollo Bebop: Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | SoundCloud Follow Gadzooks: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Follow OTWD on IG: @otwdpodcast   Subscribe on YouTube   OTWD is a proud partner of Oliver's Harvest CBD Click 👉http://bit.ly/2Ta1GKl 👈to SAVE 10% ON YOUR FIRST ORDER while also directly supporting this podcast!
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