66 minutes | Apr 23, 2021

Things That End in “-tion” and Interview with Fast Money friend Karen Finerman

Guy, Dan and Danny discuss the tax news that stopped the market in its tracks (0:44), some top-ish signals in digital currencies (5:30), what inflation means for markets (12:47), more issues for Credit Suisse (20:42), Danny’s rant on SoftBank (22:12) and some regulatory hope for cannabis this week (28:01).

Dan and Guy interview CNBC Fast Money friend, Metropolitan Capital CEO Karen Finerman (29:17). We hear her take on the GameStop/Robinhood event and “meme investing” (39:04), her family and her upbringing (42:18), and her take on JPMorgan and CEO Jamie Dimon (49:10). She also talks about some of her future plans (54:31) and how taping Fast Money has been during the pandemic (57:24).

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