60 minutes | Jul 16, 2021

The Fed’s Biggest Deadhead with Peter Boockvar of Bleakley Advisory Group

Guy, Dan and Danny discuss inflation running red hot (5:02), bank earnings (11:45), the meme stock meltdown (17:33), a “scary” crypto chart (20:42), and cannabis (29:48). The co-hosts interview Peter Boockvar (32:42), CIO of Bleakley Advisory Group and talk about Powell’s testimony (33:22), Jeffrey Gundlach’s dollar comments (39:50 ), gold, silver and bitcoin (51:09). ----See what adding futures can do for you at cmegroup.com/onthetape. ----Shoot us an email at OnTheTape@riskreversal.com with any feedback, suggestions, or questions for us to answer on the pod and follow us @OnTheTapePod.We’re on social:Follow Dan Nathan @RiskReversal on TwitterFollow @GuyAdami on TwitterFollow Danny Moses @DMoses34 on TwitterFollow us on Instagram @RiskReversalMedia
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