48 minutes | Dec 3rd 2019

On the Odd – Speaking With the Spirits of the Old Southwest

Mark welcomes Rhonda and Dwight Hull to the show. Psychic medium Rhonda Hull has experienced the paranormal since early childhood. She provides insight and direction for clients throughout the world, helping them to live stronger more self­-empowered lives. Some of her clients include producers, Hollywood executives, musicians and celebrities. Unlike many mediums, who consider “ghosts” to be earthbound spirits, Rhonda believes that most spirits have successfully crossed over but return frequently to revisit their favorite places on the physical plane.  Dwight Hull is has been investigating the paranormal for more than 34 years. Dwight has experienced his share of paranormal experiences during his childhood which lead him to his first investigation in 1984.  Dwight is also an Animal Communicator. Rhonda and Dwight Hull’s website can be found here: beelieveparanormal.com You can find Rhonda and Dwight Hull’s amazing books are here: Speaking With the Spirits of the Old Southwest
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