5 minutes | Jun 29, 2020

Introduction to ‘On The Mind Of’

A brief introduction to what 'On The Mind Of...' is all about by its host and creator Joe Jenkins. We talk about the aims and background of this podcast, who will be on the show and what we will be asking them. This podcast will attempt to capture and learn from the wisdom and experience of CEOs, Directors, Founders and Leaders in charities, social enterprises, politics and grassroots organisations – to share more widely, and hopefully inspire others to grow in their own leadership. There is a lot in the world that needs changing, and we need great leadership now more than ever. The Key Takeaways From This Episode [0:30] Does the world need another podcast? [1:40] Who are some of the guests we have lined up [2:22] What kind of thing will we be asking our guests Resources From This Episode For background on the host, Joe Jenkins, and his reasons for creating the podcast see our About OTMO page. Follow 'On The Mind Of' on Facebook and Twitter.
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