57 minutes | Nov 16, 2020

Ep7 – Amicky Carol Akiwumi, CEO of Money4YOU, Social Entrepreneur & Consultant

In this episode of OTMO, our guest is Amicky Carol Akiwumi, the CEO of Money4YOU which she founded in 2014 to tackle inequality by teaching people how to make money, helping organisations to raise funds and support everyone to make the most of their resources. Starting her career as an investment banker, Carol has since brought her skills and experience to a myriad of roles, as social entrepreneur, fundraising consultant, trainer, inspirational speaker, and general charity sector legend. Alongside Money4YOU, Amicky Carol is also Director of the International Fundraising Consultancy Nigeria and CEO of RAA Solutions, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, where she chairs the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee, as well as serving as Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees. Carol shares the origins of Money4You – from the early inspiration of a lunchtime club setup as a parent governor, it has grown into a fast-growing charitable organisation with a vision to transform disadvantaged communities – empowering people with a solid knowledge of financial management and giving them confidence to engage in profitable enterprise.  Alongside delivering financial literacy and entrepreneurship workshops and resources for children and young people, the charity also runs the UK’s only accelerator programme for BAMER (Black, Asian, Multi-ethnic and Refugee) led charities and social enterprises, and an incubator programme designed to kickstart and bootstrap small businesses led by entrepreneurs in underprivileged communities and developing nations. In this lively episode, we cover topics such as financial education for the young, the importance of being grateful (especially when you are surrounded by lots of talented, passionate, and committed people), not being a super-hero and putting the emphasis on attitudes over skills. Carol’s take on leadership includes the belief that whether you have influence over one person or over millions, you can still be a leader – and leadership comes with responsibility. She also believes that leadership is a journey not just a destination, where mistakes will be made along the way.  And to never forget, it is a privilege. We also hear why you can’t do it all, to make such for other people to come along on the journey with you, inspirational childhood posters and the power of data for the future of BAMER organisations. With an infectious optimism, Amicky Carol is full of positivity for the future and in human resilience – reflecting on the many new skills, ideas and opportunities she has found through the pandemic in 2020. Looking ahead, her inspirational goal lies in building a family of world changers. The question we are left to ponder – will people wonder what on earth Joe and Amicky Carol were talking about in 200 years? Date of Conversation – 11/09/2020 The Key Takeaways From This Episode [2.30] Interview Begins [5.25] Becoming less of an idealist over time – leadership situations are contextual [7.55] The only thing you can control is your own responses and behaviours [20.00] The scary responsibilities of money for young people – the origins of Money 4 Youth [25.16] Expanding and becoming CEO [28.00] Embracing change and growth [29.45] Committing to growing and learning and finding mentors [31.00] No-one is a superhero – don’t be ashamed to look for help [32.18] You can’t do it all – allow people to come along on the journey [33.55] Colourful leadership analysis with Insights Discovery [38.25] Speaking your mind, while delivering it in a way that allows people to hear what you want to say [42.37] Hiring for attitude and character, not just skills [45.56] Getting it wrong sometimes and learning from those mistakes [48.18] Speaking your mind on things you’re passionate about (while you have the chance) [54.50] Learning from the pandemic – adapt, keep calm and carry on! Resources From This Episode Money4YOU –  money4you.org Amicky Carol Akiwumi – carolakiwumi.com UK Community Foundations – ukcommunityfoundations.org National Emergency Trust – nationalemergenciestrust.org.uk Money4YOU BAMER Hub – bamerhub.com School of Social Enterprises – the-sse.org ACEVO Jane Slowey memorial Membership – acevo.org.uk/skills/programmes/jane-slowey-memorial-membership Insights Discovery – insights.com/products/insights-discovery International Fundraising Consultancy Nigeria – groupifc.com Chartered Institute of Fundraising, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee – ciof.org.uk/about-us/what-we-re-doing/equality,-diversity-and-inclusion
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