39 minutes | Feb 22, 2021

Ep12 – Series Roundup: On The Mind Of Social Leaders in 2020

In this final episode of the first OTMO series, host Joe Jenkins reflects back on the 11 conversations with 11 extraordinary social leaders through 2020.  Recognising that the episodes were all recorded online against the backdrop of the global pandemic, inevitably COVID-19 cast a shadow across all the conversations – setting an incredible test for every leader and organisation.  Yet throughout the series, Joe was struck by the ways in which every leader stepped up to the challenge. Appreciating the diversity of guests, bringing a refreshing breadth and depth of perspectives, Joe draws out 5 key leadership themes and concerns that emerged consistently throughout the series: 1) the use of privilege and power; 2) leading through others; 3) the importance of courage and vulnerability; 4) offering a vision; 5) leading with hope. In the episode, Joe reflects on each of the themes, drawing on comments made by leaders through the conversations and including excerpts from the previous episodes.  If you’ve been on this journey with us through all 11 episodes, then hopefully you’ll enjoy this opportunity to look back; and if you’re yet to hear all the conversations, then this might inspire you to check them out! As Joe concludes at the end, while the series has invited guests with “titled” leadership positions, to explore what’s on the mind of those who are required to deliberately and purposefully give attention to leadership as part of their work – it is important to understand every one of is a leader.  We all carry some privilege and some power, we all have ways we can influence, inspire and empower others.  And if we are to achieve the positive social progress so urgently needed – then we all have a role to play.  We need great leadership now more than ever. Thanks to all our guests in this first series: Stephen Hale, Refugee Action; Mark Russell, The Children’s Society; Lucy Caldicott, ChangeOut; Adeela Warley, CharityComms; Sufina Ahmad, John Ellerman Foundation; Polly Neate, Shelter; AmickyCarol Akiwumi, Money4You; Deborah Alsina, Independent Age; Anna Day, Centre for Social Change; Craig Bennett, The Wildlife Trusts; Simon Blake, Mental Health First Aid England. And thank you to everyone who listened, shared, rated, commented and encouraged us to keep recording these conversations.  We really hope you’ve valued the experiences shared in this first series of OTMO. The Key Takeaways From This Episode [00.00] Introduction to the episode [04.30] The use of privilege and power [07.11] Polly Neate on ceding your power [09.23] Leading through others [11.02] Mark Russell on the 4 key words at core of being a leader [15.23] Courage and vulnerability [18.32] Simon Blake on vulnerability, courage and humanity [22.50] Offering a vision [25.00] Anna Day on transformational leadership [30.50] Leading with hope [32.45] Deborah Alsina on the power of people and kindness [34.26] Final reflections on 3 core skills of leadership, how we can all be leaders, and why we need great leadership now more than ever Resources From This Episode Simon Sinek, How Great Leaders Inspire Action – www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action The Culture Code – danielcoyle.com/the-culture-code Refugee Action – refugee-action.org.uk Children’s Society – childrenssociety.org.uk ChangeOut – changeout.org CharityComms – charitycomms.org.uk The John Ellerman Foundation – ellerman.org.uk Shelter – shelter.org.uk Money4YOU –  money4you.org Independent Age – independentage.org Centre of Social Change – centreforsocialchange.co.uk The Wildlife Trusts – wildlifetrusts.org MHFA England – mhfaengland.org
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