51 minutes | Jul 15, 2020

Ep1 – Stephen Hale, Refugee Action Chief Exec

Today’s guest is Refugee Action Chief Exec, Stephen Hale. Voted Charity Chief Executive of the Year in 2019, Stephen is greatly respected across the charity sector and has much to share on the lessons he has learned in leadership. In our conversation, we explore the effects of Covid-19, building self-confidence in leadership, how the issues raised by #BlackLivesMatter is prompting debate about diversity and inclusion within the charity sector, and the moral obligation to put the cause before your own organisation. We also discuss collaboration amongst charities, both the struggles and opportunities, along with Stephen’s own leadership strengths – and why he loves winning. Reflecting on what helps Stephen to succeed, we discuss the breadth of his experience, recognise the value of space to reflect and how his love of cycling has helped Stephen to clear his mind and clarify ideas. And why he remains hopeful. Date of Conversation - 19 June The Key Takeaways From This Episode [2:47] What’s on Stephen’s mind? [4:30] How Covid affects everything [12:15] Rebuilding self-confidence [17:19] Privilege, power and EDI in the charity sector [26:13] Cause before organisation – offering wider leadership [31:09] Stephen’s strengths as a leader [36:20] How wide experience can inform successful leadership [39:30] Creating space to reflect [44:40] Hope for the future Resources From This Episode Refugee Action - refugee-action.org.uk Forum for the Future - forumforthefuture.org Samworth Foundation - samworthfoundation.org.uk ACEVO Report - Home Truths: Undoing racism and delivering real diversity in the charity sector Voice4England - voice4change-england.co.uk For background on the host, Joe Jenkins, and his reasons for creating the podcast see our About OTMO page. Follow 'On The Mind Of' on Facebook and Twitter.
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