114 minutes | Sep 29th 2019

Episode 170 - David Charles Returns!

On today's episode I have one of my longtime friends, musician David Charles back on the podcast! Dave was previously on the podcast on Episode 1! Back when I was trying to decide if I should start a podcast, I knew Dave would be the perfect person to talk to as he had been touring with Neon Trees as their tour guitarist and we had a history in music together. All these years later Dave is finally back on the show. Even though we just live a few streets away from each other, we rarely get to catch up and usually only run into each other at comedy shows or when I see Dave waiting to cross the street (listen to the episode for context).  Dave and I talked about what we've been up to, the awkward social pressure of having adult friends, the people we see around our neighborhood, The Simpsons, Norm MacDonald impressions, and a lot of other nonsense. A huge Thanks to Dave for coming by and hanging out on the podcast. Make sure you follow Dave on all of the links on the website, download is solo albums, and look for him on tour with Neon Trees!  Thanks, Dave! Enjoy the episode. 
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