40 minutes | Aug 16th 2019

Episode 165 - Alex Kack aka Green Shirt Guy plus Emmys FYC

On today's episode I have viral sensation Alex Kack, aka Green Shirt Guy!  Alex became a viral sensation this past week after he was caught on camera laughing at the response of some protesters at a Tuscon City Council meeting. After talking with Alex I also took the time on this episode to talk about two of the recent Emmy FYC events that Netflix invited us to for "Russian Doll" and "When They See Us".  I talked with Alex about what it's like to become a viral sensation and know that he will live forever on the internet as a meme and gif, peoples misconceptions about Sanctuary Cities, his activism work with Sanctuary Tucson, how people can get involved, and so much more. I also talked about listening to Maya Rudolph and Natasha Lyonne talk about "Russian Doll" at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and the importance of Ava DuVernay's show "When They See Us".  A huge thanks to Alex Kack for taking the time to come on the podcast. Another thanks to Netflix for inviting us to attend the Emmy FYC events for "Russian Doll" and "When They See Us". See Alex's viral video and trailers for both shows on the website below.  Thanks for listening! Enjoy the episode! www.onthemicpodcast.com FOLLOW ALEX ON TWITTER HERE FOLLOW TIM ON TWITTER HERE
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