50 minutes | Aug 3rd 2019

Episode 163 - The One With Me

Today's episode of the podcast is a change of pace from our normal episode. There's no guest today, no co-host today, it's just me.  Leading up to the San Diego Comic-Con episode, I didn't release an episode for 2 months. I wasn't taking an hiatus or anything of that nature, episodes just simply didn't happen. I went through a lot during those two months. A lot of self discovery, and a lot of loss in someways. During that time I found my way to Ron Funches new podcast "Gettin' Better", which ultimately inspired to record this particular episode.  I decided to take the time in this episode to talk about changes coming to the podcast, as well as a lot of personal changes. I've always lacked consistency with this podcast, which is critical to a podcasts success. While I restructure some of the show, I will now be releasing episodes EVERY FRIDAY. I also talk about my battle with depression, understanding how to get through it, weight loss and weight gain, battling food addiction and understanding addiction, Little One's health scare, how I'm getting better, and so much more.  I was honestly scared to record this episode alone. I didn't know if I would be able to have a conversation essentially with myself and the sound foam and microphone in front of me. It proved to be very cathartic. I hope this is something that all of you can enjoy as I strive to bring you the best episodes and content that I can. Thank you for sticking with this show for so long. It means the world to me. If you're new to the show, WELCOME! I look forward to meeting you and hopefully being able to entertain you and help get you through your day. Follow me on the links below and let's chat! Thank you for listening! Enjoy the episode! FOLLOW TIM ON TWITTER HERE FOLLOW TIM ON INSTAGRAM HERE VISIT TIM'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE
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