22 minutes | Jul 30, 2021

How to change someone’s life on a flight

Human trafficking – the illegal movement of a person into or through a country by force, threat or deception to exploit them - can affect anyone of any age, gender or nationality. In trafficking in persons, criminals are adjusting their business models to a new reality created by the pandemic, especially through the abuse of communications platforms. At the same time, COVID-19 impacts the ability to provide essential services to trafficked persons. Since 1999 CWT and the Carlson Family Foundation have taken a holistic approach to fight trafficking through our core business activities, philanthropy, advocacy, and strategic partnerships. CWT’s Julian Walker, Head of External Market Communications & PR speaks to Yvonne Chen, Director, Private Sector Engagement, ECPAT USA about how we can individually and collectively turn the tide on trafficking. Why survivors and those with lived experience hold the key to crafting legislation and policy.Essential advice for business travelers & companies.From working on refugee rights in Cape Town and California to running safehouses in New York – How meeting survivors has inspired a global mission. Visit www.mycwt.com
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