52 minutes | Jul 22nd 2020

The Therapist Becomes the Patient: A PT's Experience with COVID-19 (Episode 96)

Do you know what a long-hauler is? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people with COVID-19 typically recover from the condition in about two weeks' time, but there are a number of individuals who continue to experience symptoms and/or continue to test positive for the virus for much longer - even 100+ days in some cases. This group of people is being referred to by medical personnel as the long-haulers, and experts aren't entirely sure why those who fit this description can't shake the disease.

On this episode, physical therapist Barry Mangione shares about his experience after he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and as a long-hauler. As a physical therapist since 1991, Barry's story provides unique insight into the lived experience of a long-hauler as well as the distinct role of occupational therapy in supporting individuals in this group.

Besides being a PT, Barry is also a musician (www.bluealienmystic.com), an author, and a podcaster. He lives in New York with his wife and their family. Through his podcast, Self-Help Rockstar Show, Barry features music, interviews, and his own brand of self-help advice in order to raise self-awareness and to inspire people to go out and live their best lives every day. In his self-help book No Easy Answers: A Book of Life-Changing Questions, Barry shares his personal success story with readers so that they, too, can achieve personal transformation.

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