10 minutes | Nov 26th 2019

On Love with Linda Wolff:Part 4: Identify the Parts of Yourself That Played the Good or Bad Role

In this episode of On Love with Linda Wolff: LINDA Wolff shares Part #4: How to Accept Yourself, the Life You Live, and Your Reality and the poem "Parts of a Flower" and her thoughts of Recognizing the parts that created the success or failure of your current situation. To recognize the role you played in the good or bad parts of your life is creating an opportunity to foster success or failure. Can you ask yourself questions related to where you’re right now in life?Linda J Wolff is an author, self-love life coach, nature enthusiast, mentor, and instigator. Many ask, where she went to school, her reply: "The school of life, one has to pay with action and love, no dollar amount can offer the experiences."Linda now passionately explores life, love, gratitude, forgiveness, and creating a fulfilling life by expression. She shares her discoveries through Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine. Like expression, it’s about listening & learning in the moments of life and it's about rethinking self-love and purpose in bringing value to herself and to others. The insight? Asking deeper questions then listening to and implementing the answers, the expression of appreciation.You Can Find Her Podcast Here:Apple Podcast and iTunes - On Love with Linda Wolff Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine Subscribe to On Love with Linda Wolff to receive her latest episodes of rethinking self-love and repurposing life!
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