12 minutes | Nov 15th 2019

On Love with Linda Wolff: Do We Set Realistic Expections and Create a Healthy Balance of Choices

 In this episode of On Love with Linda Wolff: Linda shares the poem “Sky’s Expectations” and her thoughts about human nature and how we can set unrealistic expectations that can healthily impact our lives in relationships and life.Linda J Wolff is an author, self-love life coach, nature enthusiast, mentor, and instigator. Many ask, where she went to school, her reply: "The school of life, one has to pay with action and love, no dollar amount can offer the experiences."Linda now passionately explores life, love, gratitude, forgiveness, and creating a fulfilling life by expression. She shares her discoveries through Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine. Like expression, it’s about listening & learning in the moments of life, and it's about rethinking self-love and purpose in bringing value to herself and others. The insight? We must ask more in-depth questions then listening to and implementing the answers, the expression of appreciation.You Can Find Her Podcast Here:Apple Podcast and iTunes - On Love with Linda Wolff Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine Subscribe to On Love with Linda Wolff to receive her latest episodes of rethinking self-love and repurposing life!
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