28 minutes | May 25, 2020

Eucatastrophe, the Joyous Turn, and the Nature of Faith

On this episode, we explore Tolkien’s concept of Eucatastrophe, ‘the sudden joyous turn, the mark of all fairy tales.’ We discuss Eucatastrophe in the context of other literary devices including perapatea, anagnorisis, and deux ex machina. Eucatastrophe is unique in the belief - the insistence - on a fundamentally just, ‘true,’ universe. We also explore Shakespeare’s beautiful play, “The Winter’s Tale,” and how the last scene (Queen Hermione coming back to life) epitomizes a ‘Eucatastrophic’ moment. Resources and links: www.onfairystories.com  “It is required You do awake your faith.” - William Shakespeare, The Winter’s Tale
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